Five Reasons Why Travel Advisors Should Update Their Website NOW!

It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since our world came to a screeching halt. Who would have ever predicted something like this would have happened? So many agencies I know closed their doors this past year. As a web developer for the travel industry, I lost a several clients.

I really thought that I was going to lose more, but what I found interesting was most of the travel advisors I know realized that this wasn’t going to last forever. So, instead of just waiting around, they took this past year to update their own marketing, rebuild their brand, and get ready for what will absolutely be the “biggest wave season EVER” to hit the travel industry!

1. A Year Long Wave Season is Coming!

Travel is coming back. People are itching to go places, see things, and quite simply, get out of their house! Instead of just the usual “first quarter wave season”, you better “buckle up”! I have a feeling this one is going to last an entire year! That said, make sure your website is current and modern looking. There’s a lot of competition out there, and if you’re looking for your share of the pie, having a beautifully designed site will help. Remember, first impressions are everything, and this is especially true for anything online.

2. Have Covid Information on Your Site

One important element a visitor should see when landing on your website is something about their safety. Having information that relates to traveling in the new era of Covid will make you look informed and concerned for your clients’ safety. People want good, trustworthy information, not just the cheapest deals.

Now I’m going to make my breakfast tacos! I’ll share those soon too! In the meantime, the salsa verde came out delicious.  Give it a whirl! You’ll love it!

3. Take Advantage of the Down Time

While it lasts!

Having a new website built, or even updating your current site takes time. If you want it ready for when travel is back, (and before you’re too swamped,) take the time now while you’re slower and do make these changes! Once travel opens back up, you’ll wish you did.

4. Prices Are Lower Now

Because of the worldwide pandemic, many businesses have restructured pricing to help others during these harder times. And, while I can’t speak for other web developers, I know we have adjusted our prices to help agencies out. Like everything else though, these lower prices will return to normal once things start to turn around. Take advantage of them now.

5. All Roads Lead Back to Your Website

Most people I know like to present themselves properly. You wouldn’t want to look shabby when you’re meeting new people! Well, your website is no different. It’s the face of your business. And, while it’s important to have a great social media presence and to continue your email marketing, soon you’ll be back out there distributing your business cards – and those cards, along with each email you send out, will have your website address on it.

Your site should have a beautiful, current look, filled with bold images and great content. Again, first impressions are everything.

Adam Lapsevich is the owner of SpoonDrawer Media, a web design and marketing agency that specializes in creating websites and inbound marketing tools for travel agencies. SpoonDrawer is a preferred business partner to Signature Travel Network and works with agencies from all major consortiums. He has been in the industry since 1991, starting as an entertainer onboard ships, moving into sales with Carnival, Cunard Line, and Seabourn Cruise Line before starting SpoonDrawer in 2006.

Adam LapsevichFive Reasons Why Travel Advisors Should Update Their Website NOW!