Five Helpful Free Tools to Make Your Travel Marketing Easier

As a travel web design company, we spend a lot of money on software. When I find something that I can use for free, or close to free, I latch onto it and don’t let go!

Here are 5 useful, and free, tools that will help travel agents with their marketing efforts.

1. Bulk Resize Photos

A quick and easy way to resize photos and reduce file size.

This handy free tool I literally use every day. It’s 6 tools in one, but the reason I use it the most is for its FILE SIZE tool. Your website, along with any flyers you produce need graphics and pictures. Sometimes the file size of photos is HUUUUUUUUUGE! You don’t want anything over 1mb uploaded on your website or it will slow down the site. A good file size is usually between 300-700mb. This is where Bulk Resize Photos comes in super handy.

Open it on your browser and simply drag images into the resize box. Make sure you select FILE SIZE from the left hand column. Move the slider to somewhere about 300-700. Choose 100% for Image Quality and click START. It will make a copy of your photos and resize it for you and send it right to your downloads.

It also does (as the name says), photos in BULK! This is super handy if you’re adding a photo gallery to your website and want a batch of images resized at once. Give it a whirl. You can thank me later for this one!

2. Pixabay

A legal way to get free photos for your marketing.

Another photo-related free website. This time you can download photos that photographers share. While it technically is free, the kind thing to do is set up an account with a link to either a credit card or PayPal, and “buy the photographer a cup of coffee” for offering their photos on the site. I typically will give send a $1.00 to $1.50 as a gesture of good will.

One thing you MUST make sure of though is that the photo says “FREE FOR COMMERCIAL USE”. This means you can use it without any issues. You cannot NEVER USE any images that say “EDITORIAL USE ONLY”. Those are not for commercial use.

3. I Love PDF

Reduce the file size of PDF flyers you use for your marketing.

This is a super handy tool for any business, but especially for travel advisors who are constantly making flyers that need to be turned into PDFs for their website. Most PDFs tend to be large files. ILOVEPDF offers a “compress PDF” tool that will create a copy with a much lower file size, making it perfect for website visitors to download.

There are a host of other useful tools too available. You can merge 2 PDFs into 1, you can split a PDF with multiple pages into their own pages. There are plenty of others too! Check it out!

4. Word Counter

A great tool to make make sure you’re not too wordy on your blog posts!

For those of you writing blog posts, you want to make sure you’re not too wordy, but that you have enough. Word Counter is perfect to telling you how many words are in something you are writing.

5. AppSumo

Super savings on software for your business.

While not technically a “tool”. is an incredible resource for entrepreneurs
looking for awesome deals on cloud-based software for their business. I got hooked on it several years ago.

As we all know, most cloud-based software comes is billed as “software as a service” (SaaS), and incurs a monthly fee. Well AppSumo showcases thousands of super cool software from developers from all over the world. Their one requirement: ONE TIME FEES ONLY – NO MONTHLY CHARGES!

Basically, software developers agree to offering their product for a limited time to AppSumo’s huge database of followers for a one-time fee only, for the life of their use of that software. Plus, they offer a 100% no-questions-asked refund policy with refunds up to 60 days! THIS IS HUGE!

This gives you plenty of time to try something out and if it doesn’t work for you, just click the “refund” button on their website and voila! The money can come back to you via your original payment method, or as a credit on your AppSumo account. I used to get the money back on my Visa, but once you become addicted to AppSumo, you’ll realize, it’s best just to have a “bank” of funds waiting for you because I will guarantee you, you’ll be buying more before too long!

Here’s a little gift from me too. If you decide to try AppSumo, this link will give you $10 off your first purchase:

Hope these help you!

Adam Lapsevich is the owner of SpoonDrawer Media, a web design and marketing agency that specializes in creating websites and inbound marketing tools for travel agencies. SpoonDrawer is a preferred business partner to Signature Travel Network and works with agencies from all major consortiums. He has been in the industry since 1991, starting as an entertainer onboard ships, moving into sales with Carnival, Cunard Line, and Seabourn Cruise Line before starting SpoonDrawer in 2006.

Adam LapsevichFive Helpful Free Tools to Make Your Travel Marketing Easier
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