Customizing a Website Package

While our packages each offer different elements, you may want something from one package but not need all of the other items in that package. We understand this and only want you to pay for functionality that you want.

Pay for Only What You Want

That’s why we created “Customizable Packages” – you tell us what you want and don’t want, and we’ll tailor-make the website specific to your wants, needs, and budget.

For example – you want the “Gold Package”, but know you won’t ever blog. So why should you pay for something you’ll never use?

While most companies will say, “sorry, it’s part of the package”, we don’t. We’ll back out the cost of the Blog for you, saving you money.

Maybe the Silver package is all you’ll need but you’d still like the Disney pages that are included with the Gold package. No problem, we’ll bill you for the Silver Website and just add the cost for the Disney pages for you. It’s that simple. Whatever you want, we’ll do.

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