With tools provided by HubSpot, we identify high-value keywords that can be used throughout your website and used to attract visitors searching for your products or services.

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What are High-Value Keywords?

High-value keywords are words and phrases used in search that are actually attainable and can help boost your search rankings if properly implemented on your website.

  • Monthly Searches

    Using HubSpot’s tools, we identify target keywords that have a significant amount of monthly search volume.

  • Attainable Keywords

    We target keywords that aren’t too common and therefore are more attainable. This is a huge part of our secret sauce.

  • Search Ranking

    We provide content suggestions using these keywords to help increase search rankings.

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Elements of the Keyword Analysis

Once we identify your ideal clients we’ll use our HubSpot tools to find the valuable keywords people are using to search for the products that you offer.


We help you identify your ideal clients and then create a plan to target them.


We provide you with high-value keywords that you can use in your marketing.


We provide you with a list of high-value topic ideas for your blog posts.

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