Page Layouts

Web pages are typically custom-designed based on the content of that page. We also offer 8 different pre-designed page layouts which make it easier for you to visualize how the pages will look. Some are relatively simple, while others feature more places for images, videos, and additional content.

The layouts are “grouped” based on the amount of time it take us to develop the page.

  • GROUP 1 ($30 each): Layout 1, Layout 2
  • GROUP 2 ($40 each): Layout 3, Layout 4, Layout 5, Layout 6
  • GROUP 3 ($50 each): Layout 7, Layout 8
  • CUSTOM PAGES: Start at $50 each but may vary depending on the complexity of the page.

Most websites feature a mix of different page layouts. Choose the layout that you like for a page by clicking “Use This One” and type your content into the form fields that correspond to that area of the page. You can also upload pictures, graphics, or documents that you would like on the page.

For custom-designed pages, visit


The minimalistic use of images makes these pages the easiest to design.
Cost: $30


Space for additional content, images, and video.
Cost: $40


Layout 7 is used to promote groups. Layout 8 can be used to highlight specific destinations in detail.
Cost: $50

Layout 7

Groups Promotion Page

Use This One

Layout 8

Detailed Destination Page

Use This One