Below are 9 pre-designed page templates to help you visualize how you want to lay out the content for a page. Click on any one to see a larger image of it.

  • Step 1: Think about what you want the content of the page to be
  • Step 2: Choose a page layout
  • Step 3: Choose the form the corresponds with the page and type the content in the corresponding fields

If you can’t finish the form at one sitting, just click SAVE and come back to it later.

Questions?  Email us. The quicker you get us the info we need, the quicker your website will be completed.

NOTE: If you prefer any changes to the page we can do it. Just let us know in the Additional Comments section and we can discuss the details over a phone call. 

Simple Page Layouts

The “Simple Pages” layouts are the easiest and most popular.  It’s easy to tweak these for more personalization.

Simple Page 1

Simple Page 2

Simple Page 3

Detail Page Layouts

The “Detail Pages” are built to highlight topics that then link to another page that contains more “detail” about that subject.

Detail Page 1

Detail Page 2

Detail Page 3

Specialty Page Layouts

The “Specialty Pages” are primarily used by our travel industry clients, but certainly could be used by anyone for the right application.

Specialty Page 1
(Group Lister Page)

Specialty Page 2
(Video Page)

Specialty Page 3
(Supplier Affiliate Page)

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