Send Us the Copy for your E-book

For clients wishing to add their own written Ebooks or Ezines to the website, we can design them for you for a fee.

How It Works

You write a short ebook, usually 200-500 words. Upload it below. We will turn it into a beautifully designed document with graphics and images.

It will be featured on a Landing Page of your website, along with a Form that a visitor completes that contains a few pertinent lead-generating questions. Once that form is submitted, they will receive the Ebook, and you’ll receive their contact information. Thus, a new “lead” for you to follow up with.

What’s Included?

1. A custom-designed landing page for your ebook.

2. A custom-designed 5-question form for each ebook that is on the landing page. It contains the lead-generation questions that give you insight as to why they are interested in your ebook and their contact information.

3. The design of the ebook itself and all of the graphics to make it look amazing on your website.

4. Setting up of auto-reply emails back to the client which contain links for them download the ebook.

5. A notification email to you alerting you someone has downloaded your ebook and is now a “lead” for your business”

Cost: $150

Writing Your Ebook / Ezine

The most common format for an enticing Ebook or Ezine is to create some content that interests people and entices them enough to want your book and give you their email address.

Most are written with a “Top 5” format, such as “The Top 5 things to See and Do in Waikiki”, or “Five Ways to Save Money on a Destination Wedding”. You’re the expert. Tell them these “secrets” and they’ll want them enough to download your book.

It’s super easy for you. All you have to do is type up a simple page in MS Word. SEE EXAMPLE.
Then, upload it below. You can also type directly into the Form below.

Our team then will receive it and design it into a beautifully designed ebook. SEE EXAMPLE. We’ll create the Landing page, form and all the other items list above to link it all together for you.

If you have questions, email us.

Adam LapsevichINBOUND: Ebook Submission