SpoonDrawer Media is a WordPress website design and development agency that specializes in building contemporary sites for travel agencies and tour companies.

We are a partner to Signature Travel Network and a
member of ASTA.

Who We Are

Adam Lapsevich

President and Web Designer

Adam started SpoonDrawer in 2005 after spending 15 years in sales and marketing for the cruise industry. He built his first website in 2003 and became hooked. For fun he loves cooking, entertaining, traveling (57 countries to date!) and taking Petula, his small therapy-dog Pomeranian, to visit children in the hospital.


Philip Levine

Server and Technology Partner

Phil has been developing websites since 1995…pretty much the dawn of time in the Internet terms! Phil is a genius when it comes to all things web and plays an important role at SpoonDrawer. For fun he spends time with his wife Melanie and their son Ethan.


Petula & Butchie

Cute Munchkins

Petula and Butchie are lovable little Pomeranians who keep things lively at SpoonDrawer. Butch loves to play, chew, and irritate his big sister! Petula is a therapy dog and enjoys visiting children in the hospital. She’s been on TV, magazine covers, and has a huge Facebook and Instagram following!

What's a SpoonDrawer?

SpoonDrawer’s founder, Adam Lapsevich loves to cook. His mom started teaching him when he was about 8 years old.

In her kitchen there was one drawer where she kept all of her important utensils. It was fondly known as “the spoon drawer“.

Fast forward to 2005.

Adam spent over 15 years in sales and marketing for the cruise industry with lines such as Cunard, Seabourn, Premier and Carnival. He loved the industry and his clients (all travel agency owners) but wanted to venture out and start his own creative marketing business. The only thing…. he needed a “creative name”.

At a party one Saturday evening with friends, he was sharing his idea for his business but still didn’t have a name for it. It was while he was standing in the kitchen talking where the idea hit him.

As he was leaning against the countertop chatting, it seemed as though every 20 minutes somebody needed something out of a drawer right where he was standing. “Hey guys, excuse me, I’ve got to get something out of this drawer” they would say. The drawer must have had every utensil in it known to man! Hmmmm… it was similar to mom’s “spoon drawer”.

Bam! A brainstorm! The SpoonDrawer! That’s mom’s important drawer!

All the valuable tools are found in the spoon drawer. Since his vision was to offer a variety of services, he was essentially creating a “spoon drawer” full of marketing utensils!

Since 2005, SpoonDrawer Media has been providing small businesses and travel agencies creative digital marketing tools to help them grow.

So there you have it. Strange name? Maybe. Original? Absolutely!

SpoonDrawer® Media Group.

Creative Marketing Utensils to Help Your Business Grow.

.…and yes, he still cooks, and is quite the gourmet chef!