Website Support Options

We aim to have the best, and most affordable support options for our clients. Our Basic Support is included with each website package. This covers tech related issues.

Advanced Support is our premium support service for agencies that would prefer to have our team update their websites, while they focus their efforts on selling travel.

What’s Included?

Advanced Support includes:

  • Updates and edits to any existing page on your website
  • Additions or removals of team members on your About Us page
  • Changes to your Groups page
  • Contact information updates
  • Additions of Testimonials
  • Add or remove photos or videos from a web page
  • Social Media updates
  • FAQ updates

What’s Not Included?

Advanced Support provides you with the freedom to assign our team simple updates to your site. While most edits and updates are included, there are some items that may require a nominal fee. Below are a few, but not limited to:

  • Designing new pages
  • Customizing new forms
  • Editing large numbers of photos or graphics
  • Site redesigns
  • Large, time-consuming page edits
  • Adding personal videos to the site


  • Option 1: Basic Support covers tech related incidents and is free. Per incident requests start at $25 each.
  • Option 2: Add Advanced Support for $10 per month
  • Option 3: Add Advanced Support for $100 per year. (Receive 2 months free).

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