Website Support Options

Support for technical issues is included with every website package. This is limited to technical issues only.

We offer an Advanced Support Package for clients who would prefer our team to make page updates to their website for them. You can choose between an annual support package or pay per incident.

Advanced Support

Advanced Support is for clients who would prefer our team to make the majority of site updates for them. There are two options with regard to Advanced Support:

  • Annual Advanced Support Plan – An annual paid support plan ($129/year) where our team will update your website as often as requested.
  • Pay Per Incident – Pay for site updates on a “per incident basis”.

You simply complete either the General Support Form, or the Update Groups Support Form, and our team will do it for you.

What’s Included?

Advanced Support includes:

  • Updates and edits to any existing page on your website
  • Additions or removals of team members on your About Us page
  • Changes to your Groups page
  • Contact Information updates
  • Additions of Testimonials
  • Add or remove photos or videos from an existing web page
  • Social Media updates
  • FAQ updates
  • Homepage Video updates

What’s Not Included?

Advanced Support does not include time-consuming, longer, complex edits such as:

  • Designing new pages
  • Customizing new forms
  • Editing large numbers of photos or graphics
  • Site redesigns
  • Large, time-consuming page edits
  • Adding personal videos to the site

Requests for these items will be quoted based on the complexity of the project.


Advanced Support is an annual fee of $129, billed on January 1. It will be pro-rated from the time you purchase the package until December 31, and then auto-billed thereafter.

Pay Per Incident fees start at $25 but this can vary depending on the complexity of the request.

Contact Us Regarding Support Plans