Website Support Options

Updating your website can be time consuming and frustrating for some, while others consider it their creative zen moments! 

Regardless of what you feel, we’re here to make sure you have a website that is free from issues and errors, and has all the information you want on it. That said, we offer two Support programs:

  • Standard Support – for technical issues and simple fast fixes
  • Advanced Support – we take care of making updates to the site for you. 
Standard Support is included with every website. Advanced Support is a paid plan that most of our clients find well worth the annual cost of $125 per year.

Advanced Website Support

Updating pages to your site, adding new images, videos, and content is all included with Advanced Support. Adding and removing Groups, Testimonials, and swapping out the video on your homepage – all included! You just fill out the Support Request Form and we’ll take care of the rest.

Adding and designing NEW pages from scratch is a time consuming process and isn’t technically included, we do offer a substantial discount to clients that have an active Advanced Support Plan.

What's Included?

  • Updates and edits to existing pages
  • Discounted rates on designing NEW pages*
  • Updates to your About Us page
  • Updates to your Groups page
  • Contact information updates
  • Additions of Testimonials or FAQs
  • Social Media updates
  • Homepage Video updates

What's Not Included

  • Setting up and designing NEW pages from scratch*
  • Creating custom forms
  • Editing personal photos or graphics
  • Site redesigns
  • Large, time-consuming page edits
  • Adding personal videos to the site

*Designing New Pages

We’ll be happy to discuss any custom page design and development with you. Pricing is based on the amount of work involved.

Support Pricing

Annual Support Package: Unlimited Requests $125 yearly, billed January 1 (pro-rated accordingly)

Pay per Incident: $35+, depending on the project. New page designs start at $60. 

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