Website Pricing and Packages

We offer four website packages, or the ability to add or remove features from any package, creating a custom-tailored website package for you.





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Groups page

About Us page

Travel Resources page

My Specialties page

Video Library page

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Specialty Cruises page

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Maintenance & Support
Website Hosting


$25 month
$149 year


$55 month
$149 year


$55 month
$149 year


$55 month
$149 year

Transparent Pricing

We believe in honest, fair, and transparent pricing. We have chosen to separate the website hosting fees from our monthly fees so we can secure a substantial discount from our hosting provider, and we pass that savings on to each client. Below is a complete explanation of our fees. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Monthly Maintenance

The Monthly Maintenance and Support Fee covers the ongoing costs to secure, maintain, and license each website.

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Website Hosting

By separating the website hosting from the monthly fees, SpoonDrawer is able to secure a 35% discount from our hosting provider and pass that savings on to each client.

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Support Options

We offer 2 support packages. Basic Support covers tech related issues or Advanced Support which is our optional “White Glove” support plan.

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Monthly Maintenance & Support

The Monthly Maintenance and Support fee covers many behind-the-scene events that SpoonDrawer performs on every client website throughout the month, as well as other licensing fees required to maintain the website.

What Fees are Covered?

  • Nightly backups
  • All security updates
  • All WordPress plugin updates
  • All Signature plugin updates (for Signature Travel Network websites)
  • Licensing of WordPress plugins
  • Licensing of photographs and videos
  • SSL Security Certificate
  • Basic tech support incidents
  • Minor “quick site updates”

Website Hosting

We do NOT host on a “shared server” as many other website companies do. We have partnered with Flywheel, a US-based company that specializes in hosting WordPress websites on dedicated, compartmentalized Google Cloud Servers.

We have negotiated a near-35% discount on the hosting costs by choosing to pay annually versus monthly. We are passing this savings on to each client.

Why Is This Important?

Having a premium hosting company that offers dedicated, compartmentalized servers reduces the risk of spam, bugs, and other malicious malware infecting the site. When issues happen on a shared server, it not only affects that site, but every other site on the server.


  • Securely hosted on a dedicated, compartmentalized, Google Cloud servers (not shared)
  • Managed by SpoonDrawer and our hosting partner, Flywheel, a US-based company that specializes in WordPress websites
  • Faster loading times
  • Less downtime, if any
  • More resources for the websites
  • Second nightly backups
  • All security updates
  • Many more behind-the-scenes technical features

The website hosting fee of $149 per year is billed on May 1 annually. SpoonDrawer subsidizes the cost for every client.

Website Support Options

We aim to have the best, and most affordable support options for our clients. Our Basic Support is included with each website package. This covers tech related issues.

Advanced Support is our premium support service for agencies that would prefer to have our team update their websites, while they focus their efforts on selling travel.

What’s Included?

Advanced Support includes:

  • Updates and edits to any existing page on your website
  • Additions or removals of team members on your About Us page
  • Changes to your Groups page
  • Contact information updates
  • Additions of Testimonials
  • Add or remove photos or videos from a web page
  • Social Media updates
  • FAQ updates

What’s Not Included?

Advanced Support provides you with the freedom to assign our team simple updates to your site. While most edits and updates are included, there are some items that may require a nominal fee. Below are a few, but not limited to:

  • Designing new pages
  • Customizing new forms
  • Editing large numbers of photos or graphics
  • Site redesigns
  • Large, time-consuming page edits
  • Adding personal videos to the site


  • Option 1: Basic Support covers tech related incidents and is free. Per incident requests start at $25 each.
  • Option 2: Add Advanced Support for $10 per month
  • Option 3: Add Advanced Support for $100 per year. (Receive 2 months free).

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