Signature Travel Network Websites

Packages and Pricing

Every SpoonDrawer website is custom-designed – not cookie cutter. Each package contains a variety of website content elements such as Destinations pages, Travel Experiences pages, Cruise pages as well as Custom-designed pages, plus much more.

Sample Website Packages

Choose one of the pre-set packages below or we’ll work with you to create a customized package with only the elements you want. We also have a special entry level package exclusively for Independent Agents.


$ 799
  • Custom Homepage
  • 5 Destination pages
  • 4 Land Experience pages
  • 4 Cruise Experience pages
  • 3 Custom pages
  • Choice of Promo Boxes or Promo Carousel
  • Choice of FAQ or Testimonials
  • About / Meet our Team page
  • Travel Resources Page
Annual Hosting: $129/year


$ 1299
  • Custom Homepage
  • 8 Destination pages
  • 5 Land Experience pages
  • 5 Cruise Experience pages
  • 4 Custom pages
  • Choice of Promo Boxes or Promo Carousel
  • 3 Promo Details pages
  • FAQ page
  • Testimonials
  • About / Meet our Team page
  • Travel Resources Page
Annual Hosting: $129/year


$ 1799
  • Custom Homepage
  • 10 Destination pages
  • 5 Land Experience pages
  • 5 Cruise Experience pages
  • 5 Custom pages
  • Built-in Blog
  • Photo Album
  • 3 Promo Boxes + 3 Details pages
  • 3 Promo Carousel + 3 Details pages
  • FAQ Page
  • Testimonials Page
  • About / Meet our Team page
  • Travel Resources Page
Monthly Maintenance & Hosting:
Annual Hosting: $129/year

Independent Agent

Independent Agent websites are simple, low startup cost sites created exclusively for agents working through a host agency. 

  • Choose from 5 homepage designs
  • Custom colors to match your brand
  • Low startup cost
  • Lower monthly maintenance cost
  • Can be upgraded to another SpoonDrawer package when you’re ready

Independent Agent

$ 299
  • Choose from 5 Homepage Designs
  • 4 Destination pages
  • 2 Land Experience pages
  • 1 Cruise Experience page
  • About page
  • Travel Resources Page
Annual Hosting: $129/year

Travel Content Options

Below are descriptions of some of the types of content we make available for your website. 

Destination Pages

Choose from 15 pre-produced and editable pages featuring content on the most popular destinations in the world.

Alaska, Asia, Australia, Canada,
Croatia, Europe, Greece, Hawaii, Italy, Mexico, South America,
South Pacific, UK, USA

Each page is then customized for your agency. We’ll be happy to create custom Destination pages for your website as well.

Cruise Pages

Choose from 5 categories of Cruise Pages, 

Ocean Cruises, River Cruises,
Specialty Cruises, Luxury Cruises, Family Cruises

We’ll be happy to create any custom cruise page for you as well.

Travel Experiences

Choose from 10 different pre-produced popular “travel experiences” pages.

Adventure Travel, All Inclusive Resorts,
Culinary Travel, Destination Weddings,
Exotic Destinations, Family Travel, Honeymoons, Luxury Travel, Tours,
Tropical Destinations

Each page is edited to reflect your agency. We can also add your own Travel Experience topics for you.

Unique Custom Pages

Unique pages are any page that is custom-created for your website that isn’t one of our pre-produced pages. We’ll create detailed pages for each of your Agency’s Team Members, Groups you are promoting, your Specialties, Client Testimonials, Frequently Asked Questions, or anything else that you want on the site.

Promo Boxes

New for 2024, Promo Boxes are super cool! They allow you to create colorful “CTAs” (Call-to-action) boxes that promote anything you want, from cruise or land specials, groups, destination wedding couples and more. 

Each Promo Box links to a Promo Details Page where the visitor clicks through to get further information.

Promo Carousel

New for 2024, the Promo Carousel is added to the homepage. It’s features 3 rotating promotional graphics that each link to a Promo Details Page, where visitors can click through to get further information.

About Pages

Choose between 3 different “About” pages:

  • About Me (for 1 person)
  • About Us (for 2-6 people)
  • Meet our Team (for 7+ people)

This overview pages allows visitors to see the people behind the agency! On this one page we will list the owner, and any team members. It will include their photo, a short  bio, and a link to contact them.

You can also opt to have a Agent Details page for each agent, giving each person in the agency their own page for whatever information you want to add, such as their specialties, places they traveled, and even a few personal photos of their travels!

Photo Album

Promote the places you and your team have traveled with a built-in Photo Album. We’ll categorize the photos into different “albums”, such as Group Trips, Destinations, etc.

This is priced separately based on the number of photos and different albums that need to be created.

Travel Resources Page

A pre-written page that contains external links to valuable travel-related resources such as information on insurance, passports, visas, emergency information, and much more.

Group Pages

Feature your upcoming promotional groups with a chronological listing of each one. 

You can also opt to have a Group Details page created for each group that allows the visitor to click through for further information.



Client testimonials provide powerful recommendations for your agency from those that have worked with you in the past.


Travel Blog

Add a Travel Blog to your site and further engage with your visitors and clients but creating compelling blog posts.

This is priced separately and includes the development of the Blog Landing Page, Blog Posts Page, and a 60-minute training session.

Monthly Maintenance

The Monthly Maintenance fee covers many behind-the-scene events that SpoonDrawer performs on every client website throughout the month, as well as other licensing fees required to maintain the website, its security, and basic support requests.

What Fees are Covered?

  • Nightly backups
  • Security plugin updates
  • SSL Certificates
  • WordPress plugin updates
  • Signature plugin updates
  • Licensing of images and videos
  • Licensing of WordPress plugins
  • Basic tech support questions

Secure Hosting

We do NOT host on a “shared server” as many other website companies do. We have partnered with Flywheel, a US-based company that specializes in hosting WordPress websites on dedicated, compartmentalized Google Cloud Servers.

The annual hosting fee of $129 is a pass-through fee we pay to Flywheel for each website we host on their servers.

Why Is This Important?

  • Sites are securely hosted on dedicated, compartmentalized Google Cloud Servers.
  • Sites are managed by SpoonDrawer and our hosting partner, Flywheel, a US-based company that specializes in hosting WordPress websites.
  • Faster loading times
  • Less downtime, if any.
  • More resources for the websites
  • Second nightly backups
  • All server security updates
  • Many more behind-the-scenes technical features.

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